A guided tour at DESY – Postdoc Appreciation Week

As researchers, we often find ourselves deeply engrossed in our specific fields of study, making it a good idea to occasionally broaden our horizons. A good place to start could be one of the world’s leading particle accelerator centres in Hamburg, right around the corner - DESY! Discover the campus where research using large scale facilities provides insights into a wide array of scientific topics. Join us on a tour through the awe-inspiring campus at DESY, where you will get the opportunity not only to explore science, but also meet enthusiastic postdocs from different fields around Hamburg! The tour is designed for postdocs from all backgrounds, ensuring you'll leave with plenty of food for thought. Afterwards, we invite you for some drinks, snacks and socializing.


  • Meeting point: 13:50 at bus stop Luruper Chaussee (DESY)
  • 14:00 – 17:00 Campus Tour starts at DESY, Hamburg – HARBOR building ground floor
  • 17:00 – 18:30 Get-together

This tour is not recommended for individuals with reduced mobility. Participants should be able to navigate numerous flights of stairs.

Host Hamburg Research Academy: Dr. Pragya Chopra (Contact: pragya.chopra@uni-hamburg.de)

Where does the event happen? Hamburg

When does the event happen?
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