International Researcher Day 2023

The Hamburg Research Academy invites all postdocs in Hamburg to participate in the International Researcher Day on 8 November 2023.
Further information:

Part 1: Explore (9:30 am - 12 noon, online)
How can you successfully navigate your postdoc phase? The online event "Navigating a Successful Academic Career. Essentials for Postdocs" will highlight some key aspects that are particularly relevant for early-stage postdocs.

Part 2: Reflect (1:30-5:30 pm, at the HRA)
From time management to leading in a sandwich position and research funding to building a competence portfolio: in the afternoon, you can choose one of six workshops and dive deeper into a topic.

Part 3: Discuss (6:30-8:30 pm, at the Museum of Nature – Zoology)
In the evening, we invite you to the panel discussion "Juggling Science Communication: Communicating Research While Navigating the Academic System" at the Museum of Nature (formerly Zoological Museum), where we critically examine the call for more science communication.

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International Researcher Day 2023